Veterinary Behaviour

Sometimes our beloved pets can suffer from mental health conditions that significantly impact their quality of life. Indications that your pet may have a mental health concern include;

  • Difficulty interacting with other animals
  • Hiding from, or showing aggression towards people
  • Refusing to leave your side or becoming distressed when you leave the house
  • Guarding food or other possessions, or
  • Destroying furniture or household items

Diagnosing and managing behavioural disorders takes time. Addressing your pet’s emotional needs requires us to look carefully at their history, environment, routines and day to day behaviours. Treatment may involve making some changes to your pets living situation and daily routine. We may also recommend prescription medications.

How do I book a veterinary behaviour consultation?

Please phone us at New Lambton Veterinary Clinic on 02 49528809.

If your pet is not currently a patient of New Lambton Vet Clinic, we recommend you see your regular veterinarian first for a complete health check and blood tests prior to your behaviour consultation. This will help to rule out any underlying medical issues that may be influencing behaviour.

Pre-visit Questionnaire

Prior to booking your appointment we ask that you complete and return a behaviour questionnaire. This allows us to gain an understanding of your pet’s history, behaviours and what your primary concerns are before your consultation. The questionnaire will be emailed to you, or if needed you can collect a printed copy from reception. Once you have submitted the questionnaire we will confirm your appointment. Please note that full payment is required at the time of booking to secure your appointment.

What happens during the appointment?

Your initial consultation will take approximately one and a half hours. During this time we will review the information provided in the questionnaire, discuss your main concerns and outline realistic treatment goals. Your pet will be carefully observed to see how they react to the clinic situation. Where possible, a complete physical exam will be performed. Please bring some of your pet’s favourite treats or toys with you. A familiar bed or blanket may also help to put them at ease.

Two thirty minute follow up appointments will be scheduled at 6 and 12 weeks after the first consultation. This allows us to review the effects of medications and discuss how you are going with the recommended behaviour modification training.

Comprehensive blood tests are required before long term medications can be dispensed. This will help us to rule out underlying medical conditions that may be contributing to the behaviour. It also ensures that your pet can safely metabolise any medications prescribed.

If we cannot collect a blood sample without causing your pet undue stress, we will make a plan to do this at a later date in a “fear free” manner.

All patients at New Lambton Veterinary Clinic are treated with kindness and respectful handling. Fearful pets will never be forcibly restrained unless absolutely necessary for emergency medical care. This approach applies to all recommended training methods which will always utilise positive reinforcement and never punishment.

If you have any questions about Veterinary Behaviour consultations, please phone the clinic on 02 495288809