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Vet Chat #2 Tortoiseshell cats

What is a tortoiseshell cat, and why do we love them so much?  Contrary to popular rumour (probably spread by the cats themselves!) tortis are not a distinct breed, but rather are named for their colouring, a mixture of orange and black. Calico cats are a version of tortoiseshell with white patches as well as […]

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Merlin – Unravelling the mystery of Feline Triaditis

Merlin’s history at New Lambton Veterinary Clinic spans a good seven years. He has become a much loved regular resident of our cat hospital facility and his colourful history has included skin complaints, urinary tract issues and most recently the diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease and pancreatitis.   Over the past two years Merlin has […]

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Po’s Story – Feline Diabetes

Po is a 14 yo DSH cat with a passion for food! Living with young children and being a couch potato means that Mr Po was always on the larger size for a cat – weighing in at approximately 7.5kg! Po presented to the clinic late 2015 as he had started to leave his food, […]

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