Veterinary Staff

Fiona Wallace – Veterinarian

Fiona grew up in New Lambton and graduated in Veterinary Science at Sydney University in 1983. After a year in dairy practice in Tasmania she returned to the Hunter Valley, initially to work in mixed practice and later a stint in research which led to the award of a PhD in Immunology in 1990. The highlight of her research in mucosal immunology was to collect a group of saleyard horses to test an oral vaccine for strangles. A love for general practice brought Fiona back to New Lambton where she started up “Fiona’s Vetmobile” and subsequently New Lambton Veterinary Clinic in early 2003. Fiona has a passion for rowing and most early mornings will see her either down on Throsby Creek training for the next regatta, or working out with friends at her local bootcamp.  Fiona also loves snow ski-ing and adventure travel, recently climbed Mt Kilimanjaro with her daughter, and has any number of biking and hiking plans to fit into the next couple of decades!  She can be found at the clinic on most days.

What she likes most about working at NLVC?  “The friendships that I have formed with so many of you over 20 years of practice, seeing our kids grow up together,  and our animals go from babies to old people. I am so grateful for this and also for our absolutely dedicated, kind, caring team who are all such a pleasure to work with”.

Fiona 2

Victoria Jordan – Veterinarian

Victoria lived in the Lake Macquarie area for most of her childhood before moving to Sydney with family. She graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science from the University of Sydney in 2005 and first met Fiona during a practical rotation in her final year! Victoria worked in several busy small animal practices across Western Sydney, including a stint working in an animal shelter before moving to Newcastle with her husband and growing family in 2017. She has interests in internal medicine, behaviour, dermatology and dentistry and completed a Masters in Veterinary Studies (Small Animal Practice) in 2013. When not at work, Victoria is kept busy by her three young children and four cats and when she has spare time enjoys baking, reading and gardening (especially succulents).

What she likes most about working at NLVC? “Working with a caring and dedicated team”


Monika Wilton – Veterinarian

Monika  graduated from the University of Sydney in 2011 with first class honours  and after gaining a wealth of experience in a busy practice on the Central Coast she joined our crew in March 2020. She enjoys all aspects of being a vet but in particular loves seeing rabbits and caring for elderly pets in their twilight years.  Monika is originally from a family of animal lovers in St Ives, where her old family dog Josie still rules the household! Becoming a vet came as an easy choice, with her grandfather having been a rescuer of all kinds of animals (from donkeys to magpies) who were either sick or injured or just needed a home. As a child growing up it was interacting with the local family vet that cemented her desire to become a vet, as he saved the life of her guinea pig in a birthing emergency and also her cat who once swallowed a sewing needle.  Monika and her husband share their home with Miffy, their naughty Burmese cat, and Gus, their happy-go-lucky Border Collie x Koolie.  Outside of work Monika enjoys cooking, reading, gardening, frequenting Newcastle’s cafes and restaurants, and travelling through regional areas of NSW.

What she likes most about working at NLVC?  “the way that everyone works together to give the best possible care to people’s pets. I really appreciate the trust that the clients place in me to care for their furry family members, and I love seeing glimpses of the special bond that you all have with your animals”.


Emma Guy – Veterinarian

Emma joined us in June 2020 after arriving in Australia with her husband and children from New Zealand’s South Island eighteen months before. Growing up loving and riding horses it was a natural progression for Emma to join the vet school at Massey University in Auckland, graduating in 1998. After qualifying she worked in Christchurch for two years before travelling and working overseas, including in a busy 24 hour clinic in London. Back in New Zealand, Emma’s growing family settled in Auckland – three sons, Jacob, Lachie and Harry arrived within two years (yes, Lachie and Harry are twins!) to join Maggie the gorgeous Border Terrier who completes their little family. Emma likes outdoor activities and has completed the Auckland marathon. She loves bike riding and walking on the beach with Maggie and her boys and is currently busy renovating her “do-er – upper” home.  Emma has a special interest in ultrasound and is one of very few vets proficient in laparoscopic desexings in female dogs!

What does Emma like best about working at NLVC?  “the friendly helpful staff and team positivity”


Lisa Hickey – Practice Manager

Lisa joined the team in 2019 with extensive experience in Human Resources and Inventory Control. Lisa and her furry family have been part of the New Lambton family for over ten years, back when her two cavvies, Merlin and Ruby, used to make frequent visits with Dad to catch up on the news and more importantly the new batch of liver treats that they always knew was stashed just out of reach! Lisa’s main mission at NLVC is to look after the team, look after the inventory, and help out wherever she is needed. In her spare time Lisa enjoys yoga, gym classes, cooking and reading. Her proudest achievement is abseiling down a waterfall in New Zealand! What is her favourite part of working at NLVC?? “Meeting the gorgeous patients and their owners!”


Genelle Sharrock – Receptionist

A passion for animals and education has led Genelle into many and varied fields including being a Ranger, an Educator, Counsellor and at Taronga Zoo where she worked with the Free Flight Bird Show and Marine Mammal trainers, seeing the amazing outcomes of using positive methods in animal training.   As a qualified Animal Behaviourist Genelle enjoys working with people to build a trusting relationship with their pet and seeing the benefits that follow in training and behaviour.  Every animal is an individual and using a force-free, positive approach Genelle takes time to get to know you and your pet, working alongside you to understand your pet and providing you with skills to help them be their best.

George the rangy grey moggy is Genelle’s newest family member. He is kept busy on the days Genelle is not home rearranging the tea towel drawer and other important tasks that no-one else seems to get time for 😉

In January 2019 Genelle joined us as part time receptionist, value adding to our clinic immensely.  You will find her calm presence at the front desk every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!


Jacqui Johnson –  Veterinary Nurse

Hi, I’m Jacqui! As a veterinary nurse I am responsible for many tasks. Some of these include: assisting in consults, monitoring patients during surgery, taking care of patients in hospital and running diagnostic tests using pathology and radiology equipment. Growing up I always loved animals and I would watch animal documentaries over regular TV all the time. It came naturally for me to enrol in Veterinary Nursing.  I have worked in the industry for two years now and I enjoy all of it, but most especially working with fantastic colleagues, lovely clients and all their gorgeous pets!  I live with my partner and our rescue dog Kylo (who now stars in our Puppy Preschool training clips!!).  Kylo is a Rhodesian Ridgeback x Irish Wolfhound.  We adopted him from the RSPCA as a puppy and he’s since grown into a very big and extremely cheeky boy!  In my spare time I love reading, road trips and playing video games. What am I most proud of? Adopting Kylo and giving him the best of everything! And becoming a senior veterinary nurse in a fast paced clinic within 6 months of gaining my Certificate IV!


Melissa Leeman –  Veterinary Nurse/Receptionist

Hi, I’m Mel!  I am a Receptionist and Veterinary Nurse here at New Lambton Veterinary Clinic . Some days I will serve you a]out the front an don other days you will find me out the back caring for patients.  I’ve just come back into the industry after having had time off to raise my young children.

I have always loved animals growing up and so Veterinary Nursing for me was a natural choice. I love helping clients take care of their precious pets.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my husband and two children. We like to go fishing and hiking and hang out with friends. I also enjoy reading a good book and drawing animals.

In our family we have a cute tabby cat called Little Miss. She loves curling up on our beds and sleeping. We also have a shih tzu X poodle  called Charlee. I am her favourite! She follows me around all over the house and she likes sleeping on the end of our bed.

I am really enjoying working with both amazing staff and clients and their gorgeous pets!


Natasha Coster – Veterinary Nurse

Hi! I’m Tash! You’ll find me at the clinic on Fridays and some Saturdays where I’ll be helping with consults, monitoring surgeries, hospital patients, running tests, and everything else that comes our way!

I always wanted to work with animals, but thought it wasn’t attainable or something I could ever get in to. I had a successful hospitality career in Sydney, but it lacked fulfilment. One day I woke up and thought “I’m going to go for this…” and I haven’t looked back!

I have a beautiful rescue cat called Sir Noodle Chops who rules my life. I got him 6 years ago from a pound in Sydney, and one day he’ll have a doggy brother, but I don’t think he’ll be too impressed when it happens.

When I’m not in work, a lot of my time off is spent cooking (and of course, eating). I really love making delicious treats out of healthy wholefood ingredients. I love keeping fit and which has lately involved a lot of running. Anything arts & crafty peaks my attention, and anything else that can keep my hands busy. I struggle to sit still!

10 years ago I moved here from Ireland by myself, something that was incredibly scary but I’m proud to have done it and have since built a wonderful life in Australia. I’m also very proud to have had the courage to go for a complete career change and take the leap into veterinary nursing.

I love working in NLVC with my wonderful colleagues in our beautiful workspace. I love that every day is different and that I get to make a scary time a bit more comfortable for our little patients and hopefully their owners too!


Elodie Deguilly –  Veterinary Nurse



Kristie O’Hagan –   Student Veterinary Nurse

Kristie started her Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing in 2019, the same year that she graduated in Animal Science at the Hawkesbury Campus while  volunteering on a cattle and sheep farm and tending reptiles in the Reptile House on campus. Kristie owns two dogs, Ziggy the red Border Collie and Bella the rottweiler.  She is a self confessed absolute beach bum, gym junkie and pole dancer.  Kristie is your smiling receptionist on the weekends and works in clinic during the week. She has a special interest in native animal and bird care, and also in re-homing pets that can no longer be cared for by their owners. Awesome work Kristie!


Rochelle Deller –   Student Veterinary Nurse

Rochelle’s pets have been a part of the New Lambton family for many years, and it must have been years ago that Rochelle first talked to us about working as a veterinary nurse.   She started her Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing in 2019 and since then has been volunteering and working at the clinic. As a trainee Rochelle assists the vets and vet nurses in their duties. “The most enjoyable part of the role is knowing that I am able to assist the pets in their recovery and throughout their stages of life. I also love caring for the boarding cats on the weekend.  Since I was 5 years old I have wanted to work within the vet field.  Growing up with my dog India and especially helping her through her older years inspired me  to learn as much as I could.  India was my best friend and inspiration through 16 years of my life”.  Rocelle’s current pet is Jess, an old kelpie with a interestingly strange personality and attitude who loves food more than anything else!! Rochelle is a talented artist, and loves to draw animals with pastels. Ask her about an artwork of your pet!