Veterinary Care and COVID-19

New Lambton Veterinary Clinic have responded rapidly to advice provided by the Public Health authorities during the challenging times ahead. Your health and ours and the health and well being of our pets is paramount, so to ensure that we can remain open and functional during the COVID-19 pandemic we have made some changes to our normal routines. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding!

Booking in
When you ring, you will be asked a number of questions regarding your recent health and travel, and whether you have had contact with anyone who is COVID-19 positive. If any answers are “yes” to these questions, we will work with you so that your pet can get the care he requires.

In order to be sure of correct social distancing we have become a “Pets not People” zone. This means that as you arrive at the clinic carpark we ask you to ring us to inform us that you have arrived. One of us will then pop out and collect your pet, and we will perform the examination in the consultation room while you wait in the car. We will then ring you and tell you what we have found and what our plans and recommendations are. It would be helpful if you could bring a written copy of your concerns, or email it through before you arrive.

Payment by phone would be appreciated! Alternatively, you can duck into the waiting room after we have returned your pet, and “tap and go”. There is hand sanitiser next to our eftpos machine which we encourage you to use both before and after payment.

Food, medications and parasite control
We are recommending that pets on chronic medications should have a three month supply at home. Please ring at least 24 hours ahead with your requirements and we can have the medications ready for you when you arrive. As above, ring us from the carpark and we will come to you!

Emergency Cat Boarding
If you do need to have your cat urgently looked after during the crisis, we have spaces in our luxury cat units to pamper your furry feline. A pick up and delivery service can be arranged if necessary.

Can pets transmit COVID-19?
Although there is much about COVID-19 that we do not yet know , to date there is no evidence that pets play a part in the transmission of this virus.

Telemedicine consultations
If you are in self isolation, or you can’t get to the clinic for any other reason, we offer telemedicine consultations via ZOOM link. Ring or book via our website!

Again, we thank you for your support during a very challenging time. We are here for you and your pets – please help us to stay safe so that together we can care for our furry friends.