Vet Chat #5 Common poisons

“Don’t feed avocadoes to dogs and cats because they are poisonous” does the rounds fairly predictably this time of year. Really?? The toxin in avocadoes, persin, which is especially toxic to birds and cattle, is not reported to be toxic to dogs or cats anywhere in the literature that I can see. I have surveyed […]

Vet chat #4 Anaesthesia

One of the challenges I find at the veterinary clinic is being mindful that routine daily procedures for our team are often once or twice in a lifetime events for our patients and their owners. In particular, surgery and anaesthetic procedures which for us are everyday, are nevertheless complex procedures that demand focus, attention and, […]

Vetchat # 3: Epilepsy

I was catching up with an episode of Madmen the other night –the series about Don Draper and the advertising firm on Madison Avenue in the 1960’s.   I love this show for its historical authenticity and for the reminder of how much things have changed (although sometimes not enough!) since then. In this episode Danny […]

Staff hobbies 1: Fiona

Vet Practice magazine June 2016: Six in the morning is the perfect time to be rowing a boat according to Dr Fiona Wallace of New Lambton Veterinary Clinic in Broadmeadow, NSW.   Recently I was given a single scull made from cedar, originally built by the legendary George Towns, the world champion rower turned boat-builder. […]

Vet Chat #2 Tortoiseshell cats

What is a tortoiseshell cat, and why do we love them so much?  Contrary to popular rumour (probably spread by the cats themselves!) tortis are not a distinct breed, but rather are named for their colouring, a mixture of orange and black. Calico cats are a version of tortoiseshell with white patches as well as […]

Vet Chat #1 Canine Senses

I had a more senior kelpie come to see me last week for an annual check-up – very sprightly, well fed and well loved, my favourite sort of consultation. During his examination I happened to remark that his lens were quite sclerotic and that he probably was not seeing very well.  We commonly call this […]

Merlin – Unravelling the mystery of Feline Triaditis

Merlin’s history at New Lambton Veterinary Clinic spans a good seven years. He has become a much loved regular resident of our cat hospital facility and his colourful history has included skin complaints, urinary tract issues and most recently the diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease and pancreatitis.   Over the past two years Merlin has […]

Po’s Story – Feline Diabetes

Po is a 14 yo DSH cat with a passion for food! Living with young children and being a couch potato means that Mr Po was always on the larger size for a cat – weighing in at approximately 7.5kg! Po presented to the clinic late 2015 as he had started to leave his food, […]

Hypoadrenocorticism (Addison’s Disease)

Jack, a (nearly) 10 year old male shih-tzu presented to the clinic in January with vague symptoms of being unwell. He had a little bit of diarrhoea and vomiting and was sometimes off his food. He was shaking a bit at home (his owner thought this might be for attention) and looking back at his […]

Max the itchy scratchy lab and Apoquel

Max came to see us when he was about 18 months old with persistent itching and scratching. Max would rub his body along the cement, lick, bite and chew his legs and feet, scratch his ears and have bald patches and sores on his body from incessant scratching. Max also had the misfortune of passing […]